Asylum and Migration

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UNHCR recognizes that people under its mandate are directly affected by migration policies and processes, particularly when they engage in mixed movements and therefore strives to engage with migration issues and processes. It does so by seeking to ensure that migration-management policies and practices take into account the particular protection needs of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons by assisting States and partners to meet asylum and migration-management challenges in a protection-sensitive manner, by preventing and addressing trafficking, aggravated smuggling and other risks affecting persons under UNHCR mandates in irregular journeys, including along sea routes, and by contributing to the strengthening of migration governance systems. 

Policy Documents 



Guidelines on International Protection


Protection at sea   

Onward movements of asylum seekers and refugees  

Return of persons found not to be in need of international protection   


Case Law 


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Protection at sea   

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Return of persons found to be not in need of international protection  

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In Focus: 10-Point Plan in Action

The 10-Point Plan in Action 

The Refugee Protection and Mixed Movements: 10-Point Plan in Action provides examples of how different stakeholders have made use of the 10-Point Plan of Action as a strategic tool to inform the development of immigration and asylum systems and to improve their operational responses. It includes an extensive collection of recent operational practices, protection-sensitive tools and strategies to assist States and others in developing and implementing protection-sensitive responses that take into account the needs of refugees and migrants travelling within mixed flows as well as sovereignty considerations and the concerns of states. 

 December 2016 Update 

Historical / background documents