Policy and Guidance

The policy & guidance collection consists mainly of UNHCR policy & guidance documents, although contributions from other sources are also available. It also includes ExCom Conclusions on International Protection. The majority of the documents cover asylum policy on countries, specific situations or thematic/subject matter based issues.
Niger. Tillaberi camps to close as Niger introduces new policy for Malian refugees

UNHCR and the Government of Niger have developed a joint strategy to close all refugee camps in the Tillaberi region of the country as a means to better support the 58,000 Malian refugees living in the country. Malian refugees, internally displaced Nigeriens and their host communities have access to land, housing and livelihood opportunities while national health, education and water infrastructure is being improved for the benefit of all.

Policy & Guidance Collection
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Strategy / Policy documents

These documents are issued by States relating to their strategies, visions, course of action, policies and positions relating to asylum-seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees and stateless persons as well as policy documents issued by international/regional organizations.

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Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations are documents providing feedback and recommendations on public policies. This type includes recommendations by UNHCR to the EU Presidency as well as the recommendations and observations by UN human rights treaty bodies (the so-called 'concluding observations')

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ExCom Conclusions on International Protection

UNHCR’s governing Executive Committee (ExCom) meets in Geneva annually to review and approve the agency’s programmes and budget, advise on international protection and discuss a range of other issues with UNHCR and intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

International protection is included as a priority theme on the agenda of each session of the Executive Committee. The consensus reached by the Committee in the course of its discussions is expressed in the form of Conclusions on International Protection (ExCom Conclusions). Although not legally binding, they are relevant to the interpretation and application of the international protection regime. ExCom Conclusions constitute expressions of opinion which are broadly representative of the views of the international community. The specialist knowledge of the Executive Committee and the fact that its Conclusions are taken by consensus add further weight.

UNHCR Policy & Guidance

UNHCR publishes many policy and guidance documents to assist States and the international community in the interpretation, application and implementation of international protection standards for forcibly displaced and stateless persons. In a separate section you can find a detailed explanation on which UNHCR publications are available on Refworld 

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