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Yemen. Displaced People received Cash Assistance in Shaab IDP site in Aden governerate

UNHCR and partner monitoring the provision of cash assistance in Shaab IDP site in Aden Governorate, Yemen.


Strategic Information Partners

UNHCR and partners prepare to deliver core relief items to Sudanese refugees in Farchana refugee camp extensions

From 28 November to 1 December, UNHCR and partners distributed core relief items including blankets, jelly cans, kitchen sets, soap and solar lamps to 6,375 Sudanese refugees in Farchana refugee camp extensions who arrived in Chad since the conflict broke out in April 2023.

Strategic Information Partners

UNHCR's Strategic Information Partners provide Refworld with a critical mass of knowledge and information and are drawn from the NGO sector, intergovernmental organizations, academic institutions and national governments. Our partners are widely recognized for having achieved a reputation for delivering authoritative, relevant and timely assessments and analysis of socio-political, human rights, and legal situations around the world.