Research and Reports

The Research & Reports collection consists of various types of reports, relating to countries or regions, meetings, or thematic issues, from a variety of publishers. It also includes research from institutions and scholars.
Italy. Bernice Kula-Kula studies in the university library

Recipient of the UNICORE scholarship studying at the university. UNICORE is a project promoted by Italian universities with the support of UNHCR, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and other partners, and aims at offering refugee students the opportunity to pursue masters programmes at Italian universities.

Research & Reports
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Annual & Sessional Reports

Reports issued on an annual or sessional basis, including reports submitted to the UN General Assembly and Economic and Social Council, Reports of the Secretary-General on assistance to refugees in Africa, reports by the Executive Committee to the UN General Assembly, and the annual consultations with NGOs.

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Conference Reports

Documents relating to high-level dialogues, ministerial meetings, international and regional conferences, expert meetings and round tables, workshops and other meetings from for example working groups. Conference Reports often contain the recommendations/conclusions of the proceedings.

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Country Reports

Reports relating to countries, including country-of-origin information compilations issued by UNHCR as well as protection analyses.

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NB. The English Refworld site no longer contains an extensive COI collection, with the exception of COI produced by UNHCR. Users are referred to for country-of-origin information, which is a database maintained by UNHCR’s longstanding partner ACCORD, part of the Austrian Red Cross.  

Fact Finding Reports

Reports produced following fact finding missions.

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Mission Reports

Reports on missions. 

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Regional Reports

Reports relating to a specific region.

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This document type contains research and background papers relating to forcibly displaced and stateless persons.

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States Parties Reports

The principal United Nations-sponsored human rights treaties stipulate that States Parties submit periodic reports to the respective treaty monitoring bodies (or committees) on the implementation of their treaty obligations.

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Thematic Reports

Reports on a topical issue, without a specific regional or national scope (e.g. climate change, COVID-19)

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