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What type of documents can I find on Refworld?

Refworld hosts law and policy documents relevant to forcibly displaced and stateless persons from across the world. It is the primary host of UNHCR policy and guidance. You can use the 'Browse by document type' page to see which document types are available. Also, in the main navigation menu under 'Collections' you will be able to find more information about the structure and scope of the documents. Information is also provided on the inclusion of UNHCR publications relating to law and policy, 


Where can I find the core instruments?

The core instruments, such as the Conventions and Protocol relating to refugees and stateless persons, as well as instruments relating to internally displaced persons, can be found in the footer of the website.

screenshot of footer with arrow pointing to core instruments

Why can I not find Country of Origin Information (COI) on Refworld?

The revamped Refworld no longer hosts COI. You can find COI on, which is hosted by UNHCR's partner organization, the Austrian Red Cross (ACCORD). Country reports containing information about the legal framework or policy of a country, if available, can be found under the document type 'Country Reports'.

How can I refine my search?

Search Tips

The search tips icon next to the search bar will show you how you can use the Boolean search on Refworld in order to widen, limit or define your search.

Screenshot of the search results page with an arrow pointing to where the search tips button is
Using filters

The filters on the left of the search bar can also help refine your search: you can search by document type, country, keyword, source and more. You can also sort the documents by date, relevance or title.

Screenshot of the search results page with an arrow pointing to filters

Can I access Refworld in languages other than English?

Sites: Refworld is also available in Spanish and Russian.

screenshot of refworld with arrow pointing to change site language

Documents:  if the document is available in multiple languages, you can find them under the dropdown menu in the document view. 

Screenshot of document view with arrow pointing to languages dropdown

Unofficial translations: Sometimes unofficial translations are provided, which can be found under the 'Related documents' tab.

Do I need to have an account to use Refworld?

You don't need an account on Refworld to search for and find documents. However, creating an account allows you to bookmark and save documents in your profile for future use. To create an account, you can click on 'Log in' in the menu and register.

screenshot of login page with arrow pointing to register


Will there be more updates made to Refworld?

The launch marks the conclusion of phase one of the Refworld revamp and the beginning of phase 2 which is envisaged to be finalized by the end of 2024. Phase 2 focuses on the expansion of the collection, updating of the metadata and additional improvements to the functionalities of the website in order to make it an accurate, fully-fledged law and policy database. 

How can I report an issue or give feedback?

You can report an issue or give feedback on the website through contacting us.

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