Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM)

About Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM)

ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration – is the leading agency advocating for people fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It fosters global support for thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. ORAM works resolutely to break down systemic barriers to their safety and shelter. It lays the groundwork for global changes by researching and documenting the extreme abuses these individuals face, and then translates its highly regarded expertise into essential advocacy and education. It develops and provides targeted, culturally-competent trainings for refugee professionals, adjudicators, and other stakeholders who work with Sexually and Gender Non-conforming (SGN) refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers.
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