Country Rating: 4

  • Systematic violation of rights

  • Workers in countries with the rating of 4 have reported systematic violations. The government and/or companies are engaged in serious efforts to crush the collective voice of workers, putting fundamental rights under continuous threat.

Anti-union dismissals in Apopa and San Martín: On 28 February 2014, the Central Autónoma de Trabajadores Salvadoreños (CATS) denounced a series of anti-union dismissals by the municipal authorities in Apopa and San Martín.

According to the CATS, the municipal government of Apopa violated national laws by unfairly dismissing trade union leaders or transferring them to other posts with poorer pay and conditions.

In San Martín, the municipal authority dismissed the General Secretary and the Education and Culture Secretary of the Sindicato de Empleados y Trabajadores de la Alcaldía Municipal de San Martín (SETRAMUSAM). It also transferred the First Disputes Secretary, the Treasurer, the Social Welfare and Assistance Secretary and the Minutes and Agreements Secretary, reducing their pay and conditions.

Anti-union onslaught by Lido: In June 2013, almost two years after having requested the start of negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, the Sindicato de Empresa LIDO SA (SELSA) has had to deal with an anti-union onslaught by the company and the dismissive attitude of the labour authorities. The trade union denounced the fact that the company had created a climate of psychological harassment against staff, to make them leave the union, attacking and smearing the SELSA leaders as well as lowering salaries and even dismissing workers no longer protected by trade union immunity.

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