Country Rating: 3

  • Regular violation of rights

  • Government and/or companies are regularly interfering in collective labour rights or are failling to fully guarantee important aspects of these rights. There are deficiencies in laws and/or certain practices which make frequent violations possible.

Workers at the company Remotex-Radnevo EAD protested against salary arrears which had pushed many workers into poverty in October 2013. During the protest action 5 workers were arrested on the accusation that they blocked a road leading to the company. They were released but condemned to pay fines.

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (CITUB) reported that employers refuse to engage in wage bargaining and prolong negotiation in bad faith. Wage negotiations are often excluded from recognition agreement and employers push unions to fix wages through internal pay rules instead. In the chemical industry, employers have delayed the conclusion of a collective agreement for years and workers are still not covered by a collective agreement.

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