Covers the period from April 2001 to March 2004.

Population: 98,0001 (aggregate)
Government armed forces: no armed forces
Compulsory recruitment age: not applicable
Voluntary recruitment age: not applicable
Voting age: Kiribati: 18; Nauru: 20
Optional Protocol: Kiribati: not signed Nauru: signed 8 September 2000
Other treaties ratified (see glossary): Kiribati: CRC Nauru: CRC, ICC

No armed forces are maintained by the governments of Kiribati or Nauru.


National recruitment legislation and practice

Defence assistance in Kiribati is provided by Australia and New Zealand, and the police force carries out law enforcement duties in all the islands.2 Kiribati nationals have in the past volunteered to join the United Kingdom (UK) armed forces3 where the minimum age for voluntary recruitment is 16 (see UK entry). Australia is responsible, under an informal agreement, for the defence of Nauru.4

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