United Nations Development Fund for Women : resolution / adopted by the General Assembly

  • Author: UN General Assembly (44th sess. : 1989-1990)
  • Document source:
  • Date:
    8 December 1989

The General Assembly,

Reaffirming the decisions contained in its resolution 39/125 of 14 December 1984,

Emphasizing the catalytic role of the United Nations Development Fund for Women in the United Nations system as well as with governmental and non-governmental organizations and financial institutions and its support for innovative and experimental activities directly benefiting women in line with national and regional priorities,

Reaffirming those dual priorities of the Fund, which would better position women for more effective participation in the development of their countries,

Recognizing the mainstream initiatives of the Fund to assist national machineries on women, ministries concerned with planning and other relevant ministries and intergovernmental organizations to integrate the concerns of women and to ensure their involvement in development programmes at all levels,

Noting the focused and proactive interventions of the Fund within its regional priority frameworks and its overall strategic objectives through investments in tested and documented models and approaches for women and development,

1.         Takes note of the note by the Secretary-General transmitting the report of the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on the activities of the United Nations Development Fund for Women;

2.         Notes the Fund's continued co-operation with units concerned with issues relating to women and development throughout the United Nations system and with planning and sectoral ministries and national machineries on women in the development of developing countries;

3.         Stresses the importance of strengthening the technical and financial capacities of the Fund to enable it to preserve and augment its flexibility and to facilitate its own implementation of the governmental and non-governmental projects and programmes that it supports at the national, regional and global levels;

4.         Expresses its appreciation to Governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals that have pledged and contributed to the Fund;

5.         Commends national committees for the Fund and non-governmental organizations for their initiatives in the development of education and public awareness programmes and resource mobilization on behalf of the Fund;

6.         Notes with concern that the Fund's resources are still insufficient to enable it to implement fully its programmes and to preserve and augment its flexible approaches to supporting activities at the national, regional and global levels;

7.         Invites Governments, non-governmental organizations and others to make substantial contributions to the Fund;

8.         Requests the Secretary-General to transmit to the General Assembly at its forty-fifth session the report of the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on the activities of the Fund to be submitted pursuant to Assembly resolution 39/125.


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