Assistance to Mozambique

  • Author: UN General Assembly (38th sess. : 1983-1984)
  • Document source:
  • Date:
    20 December 1983

Assistance to Mozambique

  The General Assembly, Recalling Security Council resolution 386 (1976) of 17 March 1976, in which the Council appealed to all States to provide, and requested the Secretary-General, in collaboration with the appropriate organizations of the United Nations system, to organize, with immediate effect, financial, technical and material assistance to enable Mozambique to carry out its economic development programme, Recalling further its resolutions 31/43 of 1 December 1976, 32/95 of 13 December 1977, 33/126 of 19 December 1978, 34/129 of 14 December 1979, 35/99 of 5 December 1980, 36/215 of 17 December 1981 and 37/161 of 17 December 1982, in which it urged the international community to respond effectively and generously with assistance to Mozambique, Having considered the reports of the Secretary-General on assistance to Mozambique and noting with concern that the economic and financial position of that country remains grave and beset by budgetary and balance-of-payments deficits, Noting with deep concern the loss of life and the destruction of essential infrastructures such as roads, railways, bridges, petroleum facilities, electricity supply, schools and hospitals, as identified in the reports of the Secretary-General, Recognizing that the food deficit of over 300,000 tonnes in 1982 has been further exacerbated by continued drought, poor rainfall, severe crop infestation and epidemics of animal diseases, as well as by chronic shortages of production inputs, Bearing in mind the international appeal, launched by the Government and supported by the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Co-ordinator, for urgent food aid for central and southern Mozambique, Recognizing that substantial international assistance is required for the implementation of a number of reconstruction and development projects,

1. Strongly endorses the appeals made by the Security Council and the Secretary-General for international assistance to Mozambique;

2. Also endorses the appeals made by the Government and supported by the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Co-ordinator for urgent food aid for central and southern Mozambique;

3. Expresses its appreciation to the Secretary-General for the measures he has taken to organize an international economic assistance programme for Mozambique;

4. Also expresses its appreciation for the assistance provided to Mozambique by various States and regional and international organizations and humanitarian institutions;

5. Regrets, however, that the total assistance provided to date falls far short of Mozambique's pressing needs;

6. Draws the attention of the international community to the additional financial, economic and material assistance identified in the reports of the Secretary-General as urgently required by Mozambique;

7. Calls upon Member States, regional and interregional organizations and other governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to provide financial, material and technical assistance to Mozambique, wherever possible in the form of grants, and urges them to give special consideration to the early inclusion of Mozambique in their programmes of development assistance, if it is not already included;

8. Urges Member States and organizations that are already implementing or negotiating assistance programmes for Mozambique to strengthen them, wherever possible;

9. Appeals to the international community to provide financial and material assistance to Mozambique to meet its food and other relief requirements arising out of the continued drought;

10. Also appeals to the international community to contribute to the special account for Mozambique established by the Secretary-General for the purpose of facilitating the channelling of contributions to Mozambique;

11. Requests the appropriate organizations and programmes of the United Nations system - in particular the United Nations Development Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Programme, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund - to maintain and increase their current and future programmes of assistance to Mozambique, to co-operate closely with the Secretary-General in organizing an effective international programme of assistance and to report periodically to him on the steps they have taken and the resources they have made available to help that country;

12. Requests the Secretary-General:

(a) To continue his efforts to mobilize the necessary resources for an effective programme of financial, technical and material assistance to Mozambique;

(b) To keep the situation in Mozambique under constant review, to maintain close contact with Member States, regional and other intergovernmental organizations, including the specialized agencies and international financial institutions, and other bodies concerned and to apprise the Economic and Social Council, at its second regular session of 1984, of the current status of the special programme of economic assistance for Mozambique;

(c) To prepare, on the basis of sustained consultations with the Government of Mozambique, a report on the development of the economic situation and the implementation of the special programme of economic assistance for that country in time for the matter to be considered by the General Assembly at its thirty-ninth session.


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