Immediate needs resulting from economic emergency situations

3510. Immediate needs resulting from economic emergency situations

The General Assembly, Considering that economic emergency situations creating widespread disruption affecting all sectors of society have frequently afflicted many parts of the world and require immediate remedial action to offset their far-reaching and devastating economic, social and structural consequences, particularly for the poorest countries and the most vulnerable people in those countries, Considering further that such action, geared to the immediate needs of the afflicted populations, is necessary to sustain the long-term development process in these countries, Convinced of the need for the United Nations system to respond to these situations in a comprehensive and co-ordinated manner, Bearing in mind the relevant principles and recommendations in section X of its resolution 3202 (S-VI) of 1 May 1974, Taking into account the relevant provisions of its resolution 3362 (S-VII) of 16 September 1975, in which it decided to examine and adopt at its thirtieth session appropriate measures concerning the economic, social and structural consequences of natural disasters, particularly in the least developed countries, Considering that the Economic and Social Council in its policy-making role has responsibility for coordinating United Nations action in this field, taking into account the relevant activities already undertaken by the various organs of the United Nations system,

1. Requests the Secretary-General, in consultation with the appropriate organizations of the United Nations system and with a view to enabling the United Nations system to deal adequately with economic emergency situations and to respond more effectively to the resulting immediate needs of the affected populations in developing countries, to submit proposals to the Economic and Social Council at its sixty-first session, inter alia, on:

(a) The elaboration of global criteria for identifying such economic emergency situations;

(b) The possible establishment of procedures for periodically reporting relevant information through resident representatives of the United Nations Development Programme, in consultation with the Governments concerned, to a central focal point, to be established where appropriate, which will process such information;

(c) The possible elaboration of procedures for submission, on the basis of such information, of proposals to the Economic and Social Council for the proclamation, where necessary, of a state of emergency with economic, social and structural consequences;

(d) The strengthening of the co-ordinating mechanism of the United Nations system within its existing financial resources;

2. Invites the Economic and Social Council to consider, as a matter of urgency, the above-mentioned proposals by the Secretary-General and to invite the governing bodies of the United Nations agencies concerned to provide it with any comments they may have on this matter.

2441st plenary meeting
15 December 1975

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