United Nations Fund for Namibia

3030. United Nations Fund for Namibia

The General Assembly, Recalling its resolution 2145 (XXI) of 27 October 1966, by which the United Nations decided to terminate the Mandate of South Africa over Namibia and assume direct responsibility for the Territory until its independence, Reaffirming its resolve to discharge that responsibility in regard to the Territory, Mindful that, by assuming direct responsibility for Namibia, the United Nations incurred a solemn obligation to assist and prepare the people of the Territory for self-determination and independence, Recalling further its resolutions 2679 (XXV) of 9 December 1970 and 2872 (XXVI) of 20 December 1971 concerning the establishment of the United Nations Fund for Namibia for the purpose of putting into effect a comprehensive programme of assistance to Namibians, as outlined in the report of the Secretary-General to the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth session,[1] Recognizing that South Africa's continued illegal occupation of Namibia at present prevents the United Nations from furnishing needed, large-scale assistance within the Territory, Having examined the report of the Secretary-General on the operation of the Fund during 1972,[2] Bearing in mind that the scope of the programme, as well as its financing and administrative machinery, will be subject to review by the General Assembly when South Africa's illegal occupation of Namibia is terminated, Noting that the Secretary-General, owing to lack of funds, has not been able to carry out the programme in all its parts as envisaged in his report submitted to the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth session in accordance with its resolution 2679 (XXV), Noting further that the Secretary-General has, for the above-mentioned reasons, found it necessary, inter alia, to defer implementation of the preparation and investigation of the long-term measures described in paragraph 108 of his report to the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth session, Recognizing the importance of undertaking a de tailed investigation of the human and natural resources of Namibia, with a view to preparing proposals for a co-ordinated plan of international economic and technical assistance, including manpower training, to be implemented in Namibia after the withdrawal of South Africa from the Territory,

1. Expresses its appreciation of the report of the Secretary-General on the operation of the United Nations Fund for Namibia during 1972 and endorses the conclusions and recommendations contained therein;

2. Decides, as a transitional measure, to allocate to the Fund the sum of $100,000 from the regular budget of the United Nations for 1973;

3. Authorizes the Secretary-General to continue to appeal to Governments for voluntary contributions to the Fund;

4. Invites Governments to appeal once more to their national organizations and institutions for voluntary financial contributions to the Fund;

5. Urges the Secretary-General to implement the long-term measures and studies outlined in his report to the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth session as soon as the necessary funds become available;

6. Authorizes the Secretary-General to implement the arrangements for the administration and supervision of the Fund, with the advice of the United Nations Council for Namibia and of the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee on Namibia;[3]

7. Requests the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the specialized agencies and other organizations within the United Nations system to render all necessary assistance to the Secretary-General in carrying out the tasks assigned to him under the present resolution;

8. Decides, pending the entry into full operation of the comprehensive programme, that Namibians shall continue to be eligible for assistance through the United Nations Educational and Training Programme for Southern Africa and the United Nations Trust Fund for South Africa;

9. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the General Assembly at its twenty-eighth session on the implementation of the present resolution.

2114th plenary meeting
18 December 1972

[1]1A/8473. [2] A/8841 and Corr.1. [3] Established by the Security Council under resolution 283 (1970).

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