Respect for human rights in armed conflicts

2597. Respect for human rights in armed conflicts

The General Assembly, Reaffirming its resolution 2444 (XXIII) of 19 December 1968 by which it recognized, inter alia, the necessity of applying the basic humanitarian principles in all armed conflicts, Noting with appreciation the report of the Secretary-General,[1] Noting also the relevant resolutions concerning human rights in armed conflicts adopted at the XXIst International Conference of the Red Cross, Considering that there has not been time at its twenty-fourth session for consideration of the item entitled "Respect for human rights in armed conflicts", Recognizing that the study requested in resolution 2444 (XXIII) should be continued with a view to including further data and developments, thus facilitating the presentation of concrete recommendations for the full protection of civilians, prisoners and combatants in all armed conflicts and for the prohibition and limitation of the use of certain methods and means of warfare,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to continue the study initiated under General Assembly resolution 2444 (XXIII), giving special attention to the need for protection of the rights of civilians and combatants in conflicts which arise from the struggles of peoples under colonial and foreign rule for liberation and self-determination and to the better application of existing humanitarian international conventions and rules to such conflicts;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to consult and co-operate closely with the International Committee of the Red Cross in regard to the studies being undertaken by the Committee on this question;

3. Requests Member States to extend all possible assistance to the Secretary-General in the continuation of the study requested in paragraph 1 above;

4. Decides to transmit the report of the Secretary-General to the Commission on Human Rights and to the Economic and Social Council for their comments to be submitted to the General Assembly at its twenty-fifth session;

5. Decides to give the highest priority to this question at its twenty-fifth session;

6. Invites the Secretary-General to submit a further report on this subject to the General Assembly at its twenty-fifth session.

1835th plenary meeting,
16 December 1969.

[1] A/7720.

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