Preparation and training of indigenous civil and technical cadres in Non-Self-Governing Territories

1534. Preparation and training of indigenous civil and technical cadres in Non-Self-Governing Territories

The General Assembly, Having examined the report on the progress achieved in the Non-Self-Governing Territories since the establishment of the United Nations,[1] Noting that, while information is not available in the report as to the strength, the composition and the state of training of indigenous civil and technical personnel employed in all the various branches of administration in Non-Self-Governing Territories, the report gives evidence of the serious shortages of trained personnel of all kinds in these Territories, Considering that the existence of adequate personnel of this kind is indispensable to the effective implementation of plans and programmes of development in the educational, social and economic fields, Bearing in mind that suitably trained indigenous civil and technical cadres are essential to the efficient functioning of the administrations of the Territories, Believing that the absence of such cadres has, in the past, resulted in serious administrative dislocation in certain Territories upon their attainment of independence, and that their very expeditious development in the remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories will assist in the transfer of full control of powers, in conditions of stability, from the Administering Members to the administrations of Territories emerging from the status of non-self-government,

1. Urges the Administering Members to take immediate measures aimed at the rapid development of indigenous civil and technical cadres and at the replacement of expatriate personnel by indigenous officers;

2. Invites the Administering Members to make full use of the United Nations technical assistance programmes for training in public administration and related fields;

3. Requests the Administering Members to transmit, before the next session of the Committee on Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories, special reports setting out all available information on the training facilities for, and the current strength, composition, state of preparation etc. of, civil and technical services in the Territories for which they are respectively responsible, so as to enable the Committee, at that session, to undertake an examination of such information and to report thereon to the General Assembly at its sixteenth session;

4. Further requests the Administering Members to include such information on their Territories regularly in their annual reports to the Secretary-General under Article 73 e of the Charter of the United Nations.

948th plenary meeting,
15 December 1960.

[1] Progress of the Non-Self-Governing Territories under the Charter (United Nations publication, Sales No. 60.VI. B.1), vols. 1-5.

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