International conference of plenipotentiaries on diplomatic intercourse and immunities

1450. International conference of plenipotentiaries on diplomatic intercourse and immunities

The General Assembly, Recalling that, by its resolution 1288 (XIII) of 5 December 1958, it decided to include in the provisional agenda of its fourteenth session the question entitled "Diplomatic intercourse and immunities" with a view to the early conclusion of a convention on diplomatic intercourse and immunities, Believing that the codification of the rules of international law in this field would assist in promoting the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,

1. Decides that an international conference of plenipotentiaries shall be convoked to consider the question of diplomatic intercourse and immunities and to embody the results of its work in an international convention, together with such ancillary instruments as may be necessary;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to convoke the conference at Vienna not later than the spring of 1961;

3. Invites all States Members of the United Nations, States members of the specialized agencies and States parties to the Statute of the International Court of justice to participate in the conference and to include among their representatives experts competent in the field to be considered;

4. Invites the specialized agencies and the interested inter-governmental organizations to send observers to the conference;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to present to the conference all relevant documentation, and recommendations relating to its methods of work and procedures and to other questions of an administrative nature;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to arrange also for the necessary staff and facilities which would e required for the conference;

7. Refers to the conference chapter III of the report of the International Law Commission covering the work of its tenth session,[1] as the basis for its consideration of the question of diplomatic intercourse and immunities;

8. Expresses the hope that the conference will be fully attended.

847th plenary meeting,
7 December 1959.

[1]1 Ibid., Thirteenth Session, Supplement No. 9 (A/3859 and Corr.1).

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