Clearance of the Suez Canal

1212. Clearance of the Suez Canal

The General Assembly, Recalling its resolution 1121 (XI) of 24 November 1956 regarding arrangements for clearing the Suez Canal, Recalling further that the Secretary-General, pursuant to that resolution, requested and received from various Governments as advances funds necessary to proceed with the clearing operation, Having received the report of the Secretary-General dated 17 November 1957,[1] Mindful that the clearing of the Canal is of direct and immediate benefit to all shipping and trade using the Canal, Expressing its appreciation of the prompt and efficient manner in which the clearance operation was organized and completed, Expressing its satisfaction that the Canal is again serving world trade and international shipping,

1. Notes the expenses and obligations that have been incurred by the United Nations in the clearing of the Suez Canal;

2. Endorses the recommendation of the Secretary-General that, subject to reduction by such resources as might become otherwise available, reimbursement of the advances made by contributor countries to meet the costs of the operations be effected by the application of a surcharge on Canal traffic and that, under this arrangement, a surcharge of 3 per cent on Canal traffic would be paid by all shipping and trade using the Canal into a special United Nations account, the procedure to govern such payments to be negotiated with the Government of Egypt and with the other parties to the payments;

3. Authorizes the Secretary-General no take the necessary steps to put this arrangement into effect;

4. Urges the Governments of Member States to co-operate fully with the Secretary-General under the present resolution in order that advances made to the United Nations for the purpose of clearing the Canal may be repaid.

730th plenary meeting,
14 December 1957.

[1] Ibid., agenda item 64, document A/3719.

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