380. Peace through deeds

The General Assembly, Recognizing the profound desire of all mankind to live in enduring peace and security, and in freedom from fear and want, Confident that, if all governments faithfully reflect this desire and observe their obligations under the Charter, lasting peace and security can be established, Condemning the intervention of a State in the internal affairs of another State for the purpose of changing its legally established government by the threat or use of force,

1. Solemnly reaffirms that, whatever the weapons used, any aggression, whether committed openly, or by fomenting civil strife in the interest of a foreign Power, or otherwise, is the gravest of all crimes against peace and security throughout the world;

2. Determines that for the realization of lasting peace and security it is indispensable:

(1) That prompt united action be taken to meet aggression wherever it arises;

(2) That every nation agree:

(a) To accept effective international control of atomic energy, under the United Nations, on the basis already approved[1] by the General Assembly in order to make effective the prohibition of atomic weapons;

(b) To strive for the control and elimination, under the United Nations, of all other weapons of mass destruction;

(c) To regulate all armaments and armed forces under a United Nations system of control and inspection, with a view to their gradual reduction;

(d) To reduce to a minimum the diversion for armaments of its human and economic resources and to strive towards the development of such resources for the general welfare, with due regard to the needs of the under-developed areas of the world;

3. Declares that these goals can be attained if all the Members of the United Nations demonstrate by their deeds their will to achieve peace.

308th plenary meeting,
17 November 1950.

[1] See resolutions 1 (I), 41 (I), 191 (III), 192 (III), 290 (IV) and 299 (IV).

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