Provisional staff regulations and staff rules

161. Provisional staff regulations and staff rules

The General Assembly Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General on the staff rules and amendments thereto which he had promulgated to implement the Provisional Staff Regulations (document A/435); Requests the Secretary-General to present, four months prior to the third regular session of the General Assembly, a codification of the staff rules for the information of the Assembly; Resolves that the Provisional Staff Regulations relating to children's allowances and education grants (regulations 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34) be cancelled and superseded, with effect from 1 January 1948, by the amended regulations contained in Annex A, and Resolves that the Provisional Staff Regulations relating to appointment, probation and promotion be amended by the addition of regulation 12 A and that regulation 21 be revised, as contained in Annex B. Hundred and twenty-first plenary meeting,
20 November 1947



Regulation 30

As from 1 January 1948, full-time members of the staff, with the exception of those specifically excluded by resolution of the General Assembly, shall be entitled to a children's allowance of $US200 per annum in respect of each child under the age of sixteen years, or, if the child is in full-time attendance at a school or a university (or similar educational institution), under the age of eighteen or twenty-two years respectively; provided that, if both parents are members of the staff of the United Nations, only one allowance will be paid in respect of each of their children; and provided further that, where the Secretary-General deems it advisable, no allowance or an allowance of an amount other than $US200 may be paid under special circumstances, as for example, short-term assignments or assignments at duty stations where the levels of United Nations salary scales are fixed at levels varying from the Headquarters scale.

Regulation 31

The allowance shall continue to be payable in respect of his children to a full-time member of the staff who becomes entitled under the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund Regulations to a retirement or a disability benefit and to a widow if in receipt of a widow benefit.

Regulation 32

Upon the death of a member of the staff who receives a children's allowance under these regulations, and following the death of the other parent, there shall be paid to the legal guardian of each child an allowance of $US400, or such other appropriate amount as may be fixed by the United Nations Staff Pension Committee, having regard to the further proviso in regulation 30.

Regulation 33

Each full-time member of the staff, with the exception of those specifically excluded by a resolution of the General Assembly, entitled to receive a children's allowance under regulation 30, who is employed by the United Nations in a country other than his own country as specified in his letter of appointment, shall be entitled to the following education grant:

(a) The sum of $US200 per annum for each child, in respect of whom a children's allowance is payable, in full-time attendance at a school or a university in his home country; provided that, where a child attended such an educational institution for a period of less than two-thirds of any one scholastic year, the allowance shall be reduced to such proportion of $US200 as the period so attended bears to a full scholastic year;

(b) Once in each scholastic year the travelling expenses of the outward and return journey of such a child by a route approved by the Secretary-General;

(c) Should staff members elect to send their children to special national schools in the area where they are serving, including international schools organized for children of United Nations staff members, rather than to schools in their home countries, the United Nations will pay for each child otherwise eligible for the education grant, an allowance equal to the difference between the cost of education at the special school which he attends and the cost at a comparable school attended by children of persons normally resident in the area, provided that the allowance shall not exceed US200 per year. This allowance shall be payable only when there is a valid reason for the child not to attend school in the home country; for instance, in the case of children under eleven years of age or when the health of the child is such that return to the home country is not feasible.

If both parents are members of the staff of the United Nations, only one grant will be paid in respect of each of their children.

Regulation 34

The Secretary-General may decide in each case whether allowances or grants under regulations 30 and 33 shall extend to adopted children or stepchildren.



Regulation 12A

The appointment of any member of the staff for a probationary period or on a short-term contract, which shall include any temporary contract, may be subject to such conditions as the Secretary-General may deem desirable.

Regulation 21

The Secretary-General may terminate the appointment of a member of the staff in accordance with the terms of his appointment if made under the provisions of regulation 12A, or if the necessities of the service require the abolition of the post or a reduction of the staff, or if the services of the individual concerned prove unsatisfactory.

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