Report of the Committee on Contributions1

151. Report of the Committee on Contributions

The General Assembly resolves

1. That the scale of assessments for the 1948 budget shall be as follows:


Country Per Cent
Afghanistan 0.05
Argentina 1.85
Australia 1.97
Belgium 1.35
Bolivia 0.08
Brazil 1.85
Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic 0.22
Canada 3.20
Chile 0.45
China 6.00
Colombia 0.37
Costa Rica 0.04
Cuba 0.29
Czechoslovakia 0.90
Denmark 0.79
Dominican Republic 0.05
Ecuador 0.05
Egypt 0.79
El Salvador 0.05
Ethiopia 0.08
France 6.00
Greece 0.17
Guatemala 0.05
Haiti 0.04
Honduras 0.04
Iceland 0.04
India and Pakistan 3.95[1]
Iran 0.45
Iraq 0.17
Lebanon 0.06
Liberia 0.04
Luxembourg 0.05
Mexico 0.63
Netherlands 1.40
New Zealand 0.50
Nicaragua 0.04
Norway 0.50
Panama 0.05
Paraguay 0.04
Peru 0.20
Philippines 0.29
Poland 0.95
Saudi Arabia 0.08
Siam 0.27
Sweden 2.04
Syria 0.12
Turkey 0.91
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic 0.84
Union of South Africa 1.12
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 6.34
United Kingdom 11.48
United States of America 39.89
Uruguay 0.18
Venezuela 0.27
Yemen 0.04
Yugoslavia 0.33

2. That, notwithstanding the provisions of rule 43 of the provisional rules of procedure, the scale of assessments for the apportionment of expenses of the United Nations shall be reviewed by the Committee on Contributions in 1948 and a report submitted for the consideration of the General Assembly at its next regular session;

3. That, in view of the fact that Siam became a Member of the United Nations on 16 December 1946, and did not participate in the first session of the General Assembly and that the United Nations was not called upon to contribute to the travelling expenses of the Siamese delegation, no assessment shall be levied on Siam for the year 1946;

4. That, in view of the fact that India has contributed the total percentage for 1947 now attributed to India and Pakistan, no assessment shall be levied on Pakistan for the year 1947;

5. That, in the case of Yemen, the minimum contribution of 33 1/3 per cent of the percentage of assessment determined for the year 1948, applied to the budget for the year of admission, shall be levied for the year 1947.

Hundred and fifteenth plenary meeting,
15 November 1947.

[1] The Government of India has undertaken in the first instance to pay the total assessment for India and Pakistan for 1948, subject to an intergovernmental adjustment between the two States.

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