Human rights and mass exoduses.

1986/45. Human rights and mass exoduses[1]130

The Commission on Human Rights, Mindful of its general humanitarian mandate under the Charter of the United Nations to promote and encourage respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, Deeply disturbed by the continuing scale and magnitude of exoduses of refugees and displacements of population in many regions of the world and at the human suffering of millions of refugees and displaced persons, Conscious of the fact that human rights violations are one of the multiple and complex factors causing mass exoduses of refugees, as indicated in the study of the Special Rapporteur on this subject,[2]131 Considering the efforts which have been made to address this subject within the United Nations, Deeply preoccupied by the increasingly heavy burden being imposed, particularly upon developing countries with limited resources of their own, And upon the international community as a whole, by these sudden mass exoduses and displacements of population, Stressing the need for international co-operation aimed at averting new massive flows of refugees parallel with the provision of durable solutions to actual refugee situations, Taking note of the report of the Group of Governmental Experts on International Co-operation to Avert New Flows of Refugees,[3]132 Noting again the report of the Secretary-General on human rights and mass exoduses,[4]133 Recalling its resolutions 30 (XXXVI) of 11 March 1980, 29 (XXXVII) of 11 March 1981, 1982/32 of 11 March 1982, 1983/35 of 8 March 1983, 1984/49 of 14 March 1984 and 1985/40 of 13 March 1985, and General Assembly resolutions 35/196 of 15 December 1980, 37/186 of 17 December 1982, 38/103 of 16 December 1983, 39/117 of 14 December 1984, and 40/149 of 13 December 1985, Welcoming the steps taken by the Secretary-General to establish an early warning system as mentioned in his report on the work of the Organization to the General Assembly at its thirty-ninth session,[5]134

1. Welcomes the steps taken so far by the United Nations to examine the problem of massive outflows of refugees and displaced persons in all its aspects, including its root causes;

2. Invites all Governments, as well as international organizations, to intensify their co-operation and assistance in world-wide efforts to address the serious problems of mass exoduses of refugees and displaced persons;

3. Welcomes the special interest which the Secretary-General has taken in this question and reiterates its request to the Secretary-General to follow closely developments in the area of human rights and mass exoduses;

4. Encourages the efforts being undertaken by the Secretary-General to enable the United Nations to anticipate and react more adequately and speedily to cases requiring humanitarian assistance, as mentioned in the Secretary-General's report on the work of the Organization.

[1]130 Adopted at the 54th meeting, on 12 March 1986, without a vote, See chap. XII, para. 338. [2]131 E/CN.4/1503. [3]132 A/40/385, annex. [4]133 A/30/538. [5]134 Official Records of the General Assembly, Thirty-ninth Session, Supplement No.1 (A/39/1).

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