Article 1

Lawful Act on Travelling Documents of the Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to be applied during the state of war of direct war danger, also, if different is not established by this Lawful Act.

Article 2

During the state of war or direct war danger travelling documents are to be issued to the citizens of The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter the Republic) valid for a 2 year period of time.

Article 3

If station in charge, mentioned in article 18, paragraph 1 of the Lawful Act on Travelling Documents of the Citizens of the Republic does not function, due to war situation, travelling document and visa may be issued by the Public Security station of the Ministry of Interior, closest by territory, which is still in function.

Travelling document and visa for persons who have the status of the refugee or displaced person may be issued by the competent station of the Ministry of Interior's Public Security, considering the residence of the person, and based on the personal identification card issued in accordance with article 23 of the Lawful Act on Personal Identification Cards (Official Bulletin of RB-H number 15/92).

Article 4

A citizen who resides abroad for a period longer than 3 months may be issued travelling document and visa by diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic, on the territory where is the citizens residence, if the citizen possesses travelling document of ex-SFR of Yugoslavia issued on the territory of the Republic, or by diplomatic-consular mission of ex-SFR Yugoslavia, if the citizen resided on the territory of the Republic, before leaving for abroad.

If the citizen mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article does not have proof of the citizenship of the Republic, travelling document and visa may be issued if the citizen gives the statement confirming to be a citizen of the Republic.

The statement mentioned in paragraph 2 of this article is to be given in diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic with the presence of two witnesses who are citizens of the Republic.

Article 5

The Public Security stations of the Ministry of Interior, as well as the diplomatic-consular missions of the Republic which issue travelling documents and visas based on regulations in the article 3 and article 4, paragraph 2 of this Lawful Act are to keep record about issued travelling documents and visas, properly, but separately from the record they are in competence to keep based on the regulation i article 8 of the Regulations on Travelling documents forms of the citizens of the Republic (Official Bulletin of RB-H, number 5/92).

Article 6

This Lawful Act comes into effect on the day of its publication in the Official Bulletin of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is an unofficial translation. This Act, PR-1337-92 of 24 October 1992, was published in the official bulletin, Sluzbeni list RBiH, No. 19/1992 dated 26 October 1992.

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