Act No. 1902, 9 July 1955, Creation of an Office for obtaining Identity Documents for Nationals and Option and Naturalisation for Aliens

Article 1

An office for the obtaining of identity documents for nationals who must acquire them and of option and naturalisation documents for people of foreign nationality, or born in the Republic, and for children of Costa Rican parents born outside the territory of Costa Rica who can and want to choose Costa Rican nationality or be naturalised as such, depending on the case, is created. The same will be for aliens who can justify of a domicile in Costa Rica for not less than twenty years[1]* .

Article 2

The "Supreme Elections Tribunal" will be the head of that office and will take all appropriate measures and make regulations for the efficient implementation of this law.

Article 3

The Registration Office, through its Option and Naturalisation Departments and through the offices that the Tribunal will establish in the places it considers suitable, will deliver to the concerned persons the appropriate services to fulfill the option or naturalisation formalities corresponding to their case, as well as identification documents.

Article 4

The requests to the offices stated in the previous article and the necessary certificates will be free of charge for the applicants. The delivered documents will be authenticated by the political authority of the domicile of the applicant, or by a lawyer.

Article 5

If the birth of the applicant has not been recorded in the Register, the principal office will register it, in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Office's statute.

Article 6

This law abrogates the decree law n° 836 of November, 4, 1949 and paragraph 30 of Article 5 of the law n° 31 of December, 10, 1934.

It will enter into force as soon as it is published.

[1]* as changed by law n° 4072 of January 18, 1968

This is an unofficial consolidated translation published in Nationality and Statelessness, A Collection of National Laws, Volume I, Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs, Ferney Voltaire, France, 1996. This consolidation includes the Act No. 4072 dated 18 January 1968. With the kind permission of the Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs.

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