Problem of Refugees and Displaced Persons: Poland: Draft Resolution

POLAND:          Draft Resolution


REAFFIRMING its resolutions 8 (I) of 12 February 1946 and 136 (II) of 17 November 1947 which state that " the main task concerning displaced persons is to encourage and assist in every possible way their early return to their countries of origin", and "that no obstacles be placed in the way of the early fulfilment of this task",

CONSIDERING that the only just solution of the problem of children who are outside their countries and unaccompanied by their parents as a result of the war against Germany and Japan is the immediate repatriation of all such children,

RECOMMENDS to Members of the United Nations:

(1)        In order to ensure for refugees and displaced persons suitable conditions for really free decisions with regard to their return to their country of origin, and in order to remove any hindrance to the solution of the problem of refugees and displaced persons:

(a)        not to permit in camps for refugees and displaced persons, any activities or propaganda directed against their return to their country of origin,

(b)        not to permit the persecution of displaced persons who wish to return to their country, by defending the rights of these persons against arbitrary action by camp administrations,

(c)        to remove from the camp administration persons who have collaborated with the Fascists, and to remove war criminals and any other persons acting in a manner detrimental to the implementation of the General Assembly resolutions of 12 February 1946, 15 December 1946 and 17 November 1947,

(d)        not to tolerate the presence in camps of persons carrying on hostile activities or propaganda against any State Member of the United Nations,

(e)        to prohibit the recruitment of displaced persons in military and para-military organizations, such as security guards or other similar organizations, and to arrange for the demobilization of all refugees and displaced persons already belonging to such organizations;

(2)        to terminate in 1949 the repatriation of all refugees and displaced persons who, in conditions of absolute freedom, may decide to return to their countries;

(3)        to settle the question of the resettlement in other countries of refugees and displaced persons who do not wish to return to their countries exclusively with in the framework of agreements with the governments of their countries of origin. These agreements should be based on the following principles:

(a)        the guarantee to emigrants of the absolute protection of their economic and social rights, on the basis of complete equality with the citizens of the country of immigration,

(b)        facilities for the governments of the countries of origin to supervise the practical implementation of these agreements,

(c)        facilities for immigrants who may subsequently express the wish to return to their own countries to make the return journey at the expense of the country which received them;

(4)        to take the most active possible measures for the immediate repatriation of all children who as a result of the war are unaccompanied by their parents and outside their own countries.



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