Ad Hoc Committee on Statelessness and Related Problems, Decisions of the Committee on Statelessness and Related Problems Taken at the Morning Meeting of 1 February 1950

Article 23 Administrative assistance

1.     In all cases in which the exercise of a right by a foreigner requires the assistance of the authorities of his country of nationality, the High Contracting Parties shall designate the authority or the authorities, national or international, which shall furnish such assistance to refugees.

2.     In so far as possible the authority or authorities mentioned in paragraph 1 shall deliver or cause to be delivered to refugees such documents or certifications of documents as are regularly issued to a foreigner by the authorities of his country of nationality.

3.     the documents so delivered, or certifications thereof, shall take the place of the original documents and shall be accorded the same validity.

4.         Subject to such exceptional treatment as may be granted to indigent refugees, fees may be charged for the services mentioned herein, on the understanding that such fees shall be moderate, and in proportion to the fees charged by the authorities of the country in which the refugees reside in respect of similar services.


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