Bosnia and Herzegovina: Decree of 1992 on the Establishment of Headquarters for Displaced Persons and Refugee Care

According to the article 10, paragraph 2 of the Lawful Act on Refugees and Displaced Persons (Official Bulletin of RBiH, No. 18/92), the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina passes:

Article 1

Headquarters for displaced persons and refugee care (hereinafter the Headquarters) is to be appointment by executive board of the municipality, or executive board of the city of Sarajevo, upon the proposal of competent institution.

Article 2

To be appointed in the Headquarters, obligatory, are:

•           president of the executive board of the municipality or the executive board of city of Sarajevo,

•           representative of the body competent for the area of environment, urbanism and construction,

•           representative of the body competent for area of health and social policy,

•           representative of the body competent for area of education,

•           director of the center for social work,

•           representative of civil protection,

•           representative of Red Cross and representative of Red Crescent,

•           representative of humanitarian organizations coordination body on the municipal, or city of Sarajevo level,

•           representative of Security Service Center (notice - Police)

•           representative of armed forces,

•           representative of religious communities,

Article 3

The tasks of Headquarters are:

•           to pass short-term and long-term plans for the care of displaced persons and refugees on the municipal level,

•           to propose a list of facilities passible to be used for the accommodation of displaced persons and refugees, in accordance with the Lawful Act on People and Material Goods Placement During the State of War or Direct War Danger (Official Bulletin of RB-H number 6/92) and Lawful Act on Abandoned Flats (Official Bulletin of RB-H number 6/92),

•           to establish a level of works necessary for the facilities from the list to be in a state for use,

•           to realize the ways of funding for the reconstruction of the facilities and to choose the undertakers for these works, together with the Head-Office for displaced persons and refugees of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter the Head-Office),

•           to organize the points for the acceptance, and accommodation of displaced persons and refugees,

•           to propose and coordinate health care and social adaptation provision system,

•           to propose the ways which would enable the schooling for the refugees' children,

•           to follow up the work in collective centers and communal kitchens, through the municipal administrative bodies in charge of inspection,

•           to propose locations where displaced persons and refugees temporary settlements would be built.

Article 4

The Headquarters will, during the state of war or direct war danger, through the center for social work of the municipality or of the city of Sarajevo, be recognizing the status of displaced persons and keeping record about displaced persons, based on the instructions from The Head- Office, until the county offices of the Head-Office are established and start to function.

Article 5

The Headquarters are obliged to report about their work to the Head-Office, every 10 days.

Article 6

This decision is to come into effect on the day of its publication in the Official Bulletin of RB-H.

This is an unofficial translation. The Decree, No. V-180/92 of 19 November 1992, was published in the official bulletin, Sluzbeni list RBiH, No. 22/1992 dated 17 December 1992.

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