The Minister of the Interior

pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 29 of 15 January 1970 particularly to Articles 27 and 29,

and to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 81 of 26 March 1953,

and to Foreign Ministry endorsement subject of communication No. 818 (14/6/12/16069) dated 23 July 1974.


Article 1

A. Nationals of all Arab countries, of the Arab Gulf, and of all emirates and sultanates shall be exempt from: entry or transit visas, residence permits, exit visas, and passport holding requirements and all fees normally levied thereon. They are also exempt from calling at the Immigration Department or its branches and sections in the governorates, without requiring reciprocal treatment. All they have to do on entering or leaving the country is to produce their identity cards, or personal identification cards or family cards or passports. Formalities shall be confined to recording name in arrival or departure registers. Only passport holders shall have their passports stamped to indicate arrival or departure.

B. Nationals or the Arab Republic of Egypt shall be excluded from the provisions of the preceding paragraph and shall be subject to reciprocal treatment.

Article 2

With due regard to the exemptions and privilege accorded by the preceding Article, none of the nationals covered by the above provisions may:

A. Enter or leave Syrian Arab territory unless he holds a personal identification card, a family card or any other alternative document such as a valid passport.

B. Enter or leave Syrian Arab territory except through the ports of entry designated by the Minister of the Interior and with the permission of the competent authority at the border.

C. Return to the Syrian Arab Republic after having been expelled from for reasons of security and public interest, unless permitted to do so by the Minister of the Interior.

Article 3

Articles 30, 31 and 32, and paragraphs B and D of Article 33 of Legislative Decree No. 29 of 15 January 1970 shall apply to persons referred to in Article of this decision.

Article 4

Decisions 1097 of 19 May 1980 and 1273 of 19 June 1980 shall be nullified and are to be withdrawn from the compendium and destroyed under the supervision of unit commanders.

Article 5

This Decision shall be published and communicated to whomever it concerns.

Minister of the Interior Major General Nasser Eddin Nasser


- Presidium of the Court of Cassation

- The Public Prosecutor

- State Legal Department

- The Attorney General in......

- Judicial Inspection

- Legislation Department

- Planning Director

- Administrative Office

- Accounts, Personnel

Damascus, 15 August 1984

Assistant Minister of Justice


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