Article (1). Within the organizational chart of the immigration, an office is to be set up and called: Department of Refugees' Affairs, it is directly supervised by the Director General of Immigration and functions in confirmity with the instructions given by the Minister of Interior.

Article (2). The Refugees Department is supposed to receive refugees, provide shelter and protection thereto as well as fully supervise their affairs. It is also to receive assistance given by government and NGOs and distribute such assistance to concerned refugees. Its duties also implies the following:

1. Receiving notifications of new arrivals of refugees from sea/air ports, police units etc.

2. Preparing registry books and info of refugees and stateless persons residing in the Republic of Yemen.

3. Receiving applications of recognizing refugee status.

4. Scrutinizing and legally studying cases of applying for asylum seeking to be submitted to respective committee.

5. Receiving compliants as regards decisions made respective committee to refer them to appeal committee.

6. Informing those of concern in terms of resolutions issued by both asylum and appeal committees and adopt necessary measures relating to such decisions.

7. Providing certificates of asylum, travel documents, i.d. cards and exit visas in coincide with respective forms relating thereto.

8. Taking up executive procedures to deport the following categories:

- Those whose reasons of being refugees have ceased, facilitate their voluntary repatriation

- Those whose presence endanger national security or public order.

- He who violates objectives and principles of the United Nations besides war crime.

9. Coordinating with National Security Authority, Department of Public Security and Patrol Authority to monitor refugees, stateless persons, their movements and activities as stipulated by the law.

Article (3). Under supervision and instructions of Minister of Interior, coordination with Minister of Foreign Affairs and other respective authorities, the Chief of Refugee Department will perform contact with the UNHCR and other international organizations such as: WFP, WHO, UNICEF and other voluntary organizations for the purpose of obtaining assistance to refugees.

Article (4). The Minister of Interior will delegate Chief of Refugee Department or someone else to attend and contribute to the meetings of such organizations as well as UNHCR in order to get needed assistance.

Article (5). Financial allocations relating to refugees given by NGOs or UNHCR is to be deposited in an a/c at the Central Bank of Yemen and to be spent to refugees under joint signatures of Chief of Refugees Department, Director General of Immigration Authority as well as Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior-Admin/Fin. Affairs.

Article (6). The Refugees Department is to be headed by he who holds a suitable position, preferably who knows English, and assisted by someone from the old officers rank and a number of personnel.

Article (7). The organizational chart of the Refugees Department implies the following sections:

a. Reception Section:

- Receiving notifications issued by sea/air ports, police units and patrols relating to arrivals of refugees,

- Receiving applications of asylum seekers, scrutinizing and legally studying such applications and refer them to respective committee,

- Receiving compliants of decisions made and refer them to appeal committee,

- Inform those of concern with regard to the decisions made.

b. ID Cards/Travel Documents Section:

- Prepare full registration books relating to refugees and stateless persons residing in the Republic of Yemen,

- Issuance of ID cards, travel documents and exit visas accordingly,

- Taking necessary measures to deport those who are not recognized to be refugees or those whose presence endanger national security or public porder or who violates objectives/principles of the United Nations, commits war crime or reason of being a refugee has ceased.

- Coordinating with National Security body, Security Department and Patrol Authority to monitor refugees and stateless persons, their movements and activities in coincide with the law.

c. Refugees Affairs Section:

- Sheltering refugees, supervising their camps and providing social and medical care,

- Employing refugees and find employment opportunities,

d. Secretary Section;

- Registering in-coming and out-going correspondence,

- Performing drafting and photocopying,

- Maintaining registers and files of the Department.

Article (8).This resolution is effective as of date and to be published in Al-Horras Magazine.

Issued at the Ministry of Interior on 6 Ramadan 1404 Hijri, corresponding to: 6 June, 1984 A.D.

Minister of Interior,

Mohssen Mohamed AI-Olofi,

signed and seal of the Ministry,

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