"alien" means a person who is not a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.

"dependent" means a person depending entirely and directly on an alien for his subsistence and is a relative of this alien, i.e. son or wife's son, daughter, grandchild, brother, sister and nephew under sixteen years of age or an unmarried daughter, over 16 years of age living with a sponsor or a permanently disabled person.

"entry permit" means a permit of entry into the territory of the Republic for temporary residence issued according to Law.

"immigration permit" means a permit granted to an immigrant to enter the Colony for permanent residence therein;

"law" means the Aliens and Immigration Law, or any Law amending or substituted for the same, and includes these regulations and any other regulations made under the Law.

"Minister" means the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus in his capacity as Chief Immigration Officer and includes any Officer duly authorised by him.

"Migration Officer" means the Director of the Department of Passports, Nationality and Control of Aliens of the Ministry of the Interior and includes the Assistant Migration Officer and any other person duly authorised by the Migration Officer.

"Registration officer" means the police officer responsible for the police force in a registration district or area or any other person that the Minister may appoint.

"residence" means ordinary residence and when an alien does not have a place of ordinary residence the dwellings in which he lives.



(1)A certificate of permanent residence may be granted by the Minister to any alien who, in his opinion, was permanently resident in the Republic for a period of 15 consecutive years immediately preceeding the 16th August 1960, and shall be granted to any alien who is admitted into the Republic on an immigration permit. For the purpose of facilitating travel from and re-entry into the Republic by an alien permanent resident, the certificate may be endorsed on his passport and, upon production of the passport so endorsed, such person shall be admitted into the Republic without any other formality.

(2)Any person to whom paragraph (1) of this regulation applies who, having left the Republic without having had his passport endorsed as therein provided, desires to return, may obtain from the Minister of the Republic or any other consular authority so authorised by the Government of the Republic an endorsement on his passport verifying the fact of his permanent residence in the Republic and such person shall, on his return, upon production of his passport so endorsed, be admitted into the Republic without any other formality.



(1)There shall be an Immigration Control Board in these regulations referred to as "the Board", which shall consist of such persons, not less than three in number, as the Council of Ministers may from time to time appoint by notice in the Gazette, for the purpose of examining applications for immigration permits.

[subsections 2-8 omitted]


An alien having entered the Republic as an immigrant under these regulations, or any other regulations which were substituted by same, or a person having his permanent residence in the Republic who has acquired permanent residence in another country or has stayed outside the Republic for a period of two years or more, looses the right of permanent residence in the Republic.



(1)An entry permit issued to an alien entitling him to enter and remain temporarily within the Republic shall be of one of the following kinds:

(a)transit permit;

(b)employment permit;

(c)business permit;

(d)pupil's permit;

(e)visitor's permit;

(f)special permit.

(2)Subject to any special or general directions by the Minister and to the provisions of these regulations, the issue of any permit of a kind mentioned in this regulation shall be at the discretion of the immigration officer at the port of entry and may be subject to such terms and conditions, including the provision of security to cover the costs of repatriating the holder of the permit, as the said immigration officer may think fit to attach.

(3)Every entry permit of the kinds (a) to (f) inclusive mentioned in paragraph (1) of this regulation shall be endorsed on the passport of the temporary resident to whom it is issued.

(4)An entry permit may be cancelled by the Minister on giving the holder not less than fourteen days' notice of cancellation: Provided that, if the holder is found to be a prohibited immigrant or to have contravened the terms and conditions subject to which the entry permit was issued, such cancellation may take effect forthwith.

(5)All entry permits issued under the provisions of this regulation shall be in such form or forms as may be prescribed from time to time by the Minister.

(6)The Migration Officer may extend for a further period or periods as he shall think fit the period for which a temporary resident is permitted to remain in the Republic by virtue of a permit issued under the provisions of this regulation.

(7)An entry permit shall, notwithstanding that its period of validity has not expired, cease to be effective as soon as the holder thereof leaves the Colony unless before leaving he obtains from the Migration Officer a re-entry permit.



An immigration officer may, for the purpose of making further enquiry, postpone deciding whether a person is a prohibited immigrant for a period not exceeding one month.


A decision by an immigration officer that a person is not a prohibited immigrant given by mistake or in ignorance of any material fact or in consequence of any misrepresentation by the person concerned shall not affect the liability of such person to be dealt with as a prohibited immigrant.


(1)Any person who appears to the immigration officer to be a person who is likely to become a destitute person may be allowed to enter the Republic upon the condition that he shall, before landing or within such period after landing as the immigration officer may specify, deposit with the immigration officer a sum sufficient to cover the expenses of his repatriation.

(2)Any amount deposited under this regulation shall be retained until the departure from the Republic of the person by whom the deposit was made or until the Migration Officer is otherwise satisfied that the need for a deposit no longer exists.



(1)Any alien who has been permitted to enter the Republic as an immigrant and has not on entry furnished the immigration officer at his port of entry with such particulars as may be required of him shall, within fifteen days of his arrival, furnish such particulars to the Immigration Officer or the Migration Officer.

(2)Any temporary resident who -

(a)receives permission to extend his stay in the Republic for longer than the period prescribed in his entry permit; or

(b)receives permission to remain permanently in the Republic, shall furnish such particulars as may be required of him by the Migration Officer within fifteen deya of the receipt of any such permission.


An Immigration Officer may issue to any person, being a passenger on an aircraft or ship in transit, a landing permit in exchange for his passport which shall entitle the holder to remain in the Colony for such time as such aircraft or ship remains in the airport or in the Republic's waters, as the case may be. The passport of any such passenger shall be returned to him upon reembarkation.


The Minister may request of any alien who is holder of a temporary permit used under regulation 9(1) to present himself to any medical officer for examination if suspicion exists that the said alien is suffering from a contagious disease which could be dangerous to public health.



Every alien who lands in the Republic shall, within seven days of the time he lands, attend at the office of the registration officer of the registration district in which he intends to have his residence and shall

(a)comply, as far as may then be possible, with the requirements of paragraph (b) of regulation 33; and

(b)produce to the registration officer a passport furnished with a photograph and duly issued to him not more than five years previously.


For the purposes of these regulations, when an alien is recognized as a national by the law or more than one foreign state or where for any reason it is uncertain what nationality, if any, is to be ascribed to an alien, that alien may be treated as a national of the state with which he appears to be most closely connected for the time being in interest or sympathy or as being of uncertain nationality or of no nationality: Provided that where an alien acquired a nationality at birth he shall (unless the Minister otherwise directs in the particular case) be deemed to retain that nationality unless he has subsequently acquired by naturalization or otherwise some other nationality, and is still recognized by the Sovereign or State whose nationality he has acquired as entitled to protection.

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