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Query responses are replies to focused queries or requests for Information that are submitted in the course of the refugee status determination process.
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Indonesia: 1. Is it an offence to engage in political activities to oppose the Helsinki MoU and if yes, what is the formal name of the offence? 2. Please provide English translations of the following laws/articles/sections of Indonesian law: a. Article 7, Clause (1), Letter (g) Indonesian Criminal Code b. Article 112, Clause (1) and Clause (2) Indonesian Criminal Code c. Article 113 Indonesian Criminal Code d. Law Number 2, 2002 regarding the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia 3. Are there reports that the Acehnese community misunderstood that the MoU and subsequent 2006 elections would provide independence as opposed to autonomy for Aceh? 4. What are the consequences of not appearing when summoned to attend an Indonesian police station? 5. Can Indonesian police access immigration departure records to ascertain if an individual has departed Indonesia? 6. In 2003 DFAT advised there is no formal requirement to provide a police clearance with a passport application. Are there reports of this having changed (i.e. were police clearances required in 2011?)

10 January 2012 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

Indonesia: 1. Please provide information outlining the current situation in Aceh. 2. Please advise the situation in relation to past supporters of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), and their return to the area? 3. Please advise if there are any reports of locals returning from Australia who are then targeted by criminal gangs due to a perception of those persons now being wealthy? 4. Please provide information on the current situation of Acehnese living in Medan, North Sumatra, and whether any impediments exist that restrict Acehnese from taking up residence in Medan. If the situation in Medan appears unsuitable for Acehnese please also provide information on the current situation for Acehnese in Jakarta as well as possible restrictions on residency

6 May 2008 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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