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Query Responses

Query responses are replies to focused queries or requests for Information that are submitted in the course of the refugee status determination process.
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Indonesia: 1. Please advise of the difficulties faced by disabled females in Indonesia, in particular dwarfs? 2. Please advise if disabled females in Indonesia have access to education and employment and if they face any other discrimination? 3. Please advise of the propensity of female genital mutilation in Indonesia; the type and at what age it occurs. 4. Please provide information on the propensity of female genital mutilation amongst the Arab community in Indonesia. 5. Please provide information on the type of circumcision that is performed in Yemen and at what age. 6. Please advise if the Indonesian government or police provide effective protection to dwarfs and to those facing female genital mutilation from their family. 7. Please provide any other information that is relevant regarding female genital mutilation in Arab communities in Indonesia and protection of or difficulties faced by dwarves in Indonesia

31 March 2009 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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