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Query Responses

Query responses are replies to focused queries or requests for Information that are submitted in the course of the refugee status determination process.
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China: 1. Is there a movement known as the Xinjiang Independence Movement operating in China today? If so, please provide full details of the movement, its operations and major participants? 2. How does the Chinese government treat members of this Xinjiang Independence Movement? 3. Is there any evidence to suggest that business associates of members of such a movement may be imputed with an opinion supportive of this movement and, if so, how are such business associates treated in China? 4. Question deleted. 5. Is there any evidence that persons who have made applications for protection in Australia are harmed or persecuted in any way upon return to China by local authorities because they made such application or for any other reason?

20 January 2006 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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