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Case Law includes national and international jurisprudential decisions. Administrative bodies and tribunals are included.
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SZ and JM (Christians - FS Confirmed) Iran v. Secretary of State for the Home Department

Conditions for Christians in Iran have not deteriorated sufficiently to necessitate a change in the guidance in <a href="?docid=42c934fb4&amp;page=search"> FS and Others (Iran - Christian Converts) Iran CG [2004] UKIAT 00303 Iran</a>. For some converts to sacrament-based churches the conditions may be such that they could not reasonably be expected to return and their cases must be considered on <a href="?docid=482c17e02&amp;page=search"> HJ (Homosexuality: Reasonably Tolerating Living Discreetly) Iran [2008] UKAIT 00044</a> grounds. <br>It remains to be seen whether the proposed inclusion of apostasy in the amended criminal code will make a material difference. The amendments to the code are part of a wholesale change in the criminal law and not solely aimed at converts. The proposals are still before Parliament. <br>'Proselytising' and 'evangelising' are not terms of art and distinctions should not be drawn between them.</br>

12 November 2008 | Judicial Body: United Kingdom: Asylum and Immigration Tribunal / Immigration Appellate Authority | Topic(s): Arbitrary arrest and detention - Catholic - Christian - Country of origin information (COI) - Criminal justice - Deportation / Forcible return - Evangelical - Freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) | Countries: Iran, Islamic Republic of - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Refugee Appeal No. 76106

12 August 2008 | Judicial Body: New Zealand: Refugee Status Appeals Authority | Topic(s): Catholic - Cessation clauses - Christian - Passports - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) | Countries: Iran, Islamic Republic of - New Zealand

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