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Case Law includes national and international jurisprudential decisions. Administrative bodies and tribunals are included.
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Matter of E-A-

Appeal dismissed on grounds that the applicant’s actions as a member of a group that burned passenger buses and cars, threw stones, and disrupted the economic activity of merchants in the market, while pretending to be from the opposition party in order to discredit such party, reached the level of serious criminal conduct which outweighed its political nature and therefore constituted a serious nonpolitical crime.

11 September 2012 | Judicial Body: United States Board of Immigration Appeals | Countries: Côte d'Ivoire - United States of America

CE, 17 décembre 2010, N° 315822

Inédit au recueil Lebon. La décision du 4 mars 2008 de la Cour nationale du droit d'asile est annulée. L'affaire est renvoyée à la Cour nationale du droit d'asile.

17 December 2010 | Judicial Body: France: Conseil d'Etat | Topic(s): Complementary forms of protection - Conflict situation - EU Qualification Directive - Elections - Opposition - Persecution based on political opinion - Political groups | Countries: Côte d'Ivoire - France

OT (Ivory Coast) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department

On appeal from the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT No. AA/09621/2005).

24 April 2008 | Judicial Body: United Kingdom: Court of Appeal (England and Wales) | Topic(s): Country of origin information (COI) - Credibility assessment - Dioula - Muslim - Opposition - Persecution based on political opinion - Political parties - Racial / Ethnic persecution - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) | Countries: Côte d'Ivoire - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Décision N° 573815, 16 février 2007, Cour Nationale du Droit D'Asile

The case summary in English has been prepared in the framework of the Knowledge-Based Harmonisation of European Asylum Practices Project (2010-2012), co-financed by the European Refugee Fund.

16 February 2007 | Judicial Body: France: Cour nationale du droit d'asile | Countries: Côte d'Ivoire - France

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