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Situation of human rights in Burundi

Publisher UN Commission on Human Rights
Author UN Commission on Human Rights (50th sess. : 1994 : Geneva)
Publication Date 9 March 1994
Citation / Document Symbol E/CN.4/RES/1994/86
Reference 50
Cite as UN Commission on Human Rights, Situation of human rights in Burundi, 9 March 1994, E/CN.4/RES/1994/86, available at: [accessed 18 December 2017]

1994/86. Situation of human rights in Burundi

The Commission on Human Rights,

Guided by the principles set out in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on Human Rights,

Reaffirming its complete determination with regard to respect for the principles of the rule of law, which involves democracy, national unity, pluralism and respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual,

Deeply concerned at the inter-ethnic violence since the attempted coup d'état on 21 October 1993, involving loss of human life and violations of human rights in Burundi,

Concerned about the mass exodus of persons from Burundi who have fled their country to take refuge in neighbouring countries, which increases the number of displaced persons in those host countries, and about the large number of persons displaced within the country,

Particularly convinced that consolidation of democratic gains helps to create a favourable environment for lasting settlement of the ethnic tension that has brought bloodshed to the country over the past 30 years, and enables every citizen of Burundi to take part in the economic and social development of his country,

1. Strongly condemns the brutal and violent break in the democratic process initiated in Burundi, demands an immediate end to acts of violence and calls on all sectors of society, both civilian and military, to respect the Constitution of the country;

2. Invites the international community to continue to lend its political, diplomatic, material and financial support to end the violence, to help the Government of Burundi to find a lasting solution to the ethnic tension and to create conditions to favour the return of the refugees;

3. Is grateful to the States which have given refuge in their diplomatic premises to members of the Government of Burundi, thanks them for the technical assistance they have provided to ensure those persons, safety and also thanks the international community for its humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Burundi during the crisis;

4. Notes with satisfaction that the Secretary-General has responded immediately to this situation by sending a special envoy with a good offices mission so as to facilitate the restoration of the constitutional regime;

5. Welcomes the appointment by the Secretary-General of a Special Representative for Burundi and current efforts aimed at setting up an international mission of inquiry charged with establishing the facts surrounding the attempted coup d'état and the resulting violence and with providing advice to facilitate the efforts of the Government of Burundi and the organization of African Unity;

6. Commends the efforts made by the Organization of African Unity and the various initiatives taken by associations for the protection of human rights to help the Government of Burundi re-establish democratic institutions, restore confidence and stabilize the situation;

7. Encourages the Government of Burundi in its action to secure participation by all components of the population in the conduct of the political and administrative affairs of the country;

8. Also invites the authorities of Burundi to carry out a prompt inquiry into the violations of human rights resulting from the attempted coup d'état of 21 October 1993, as well as the inter-ethnic massacres, and to bring the persons responsible for these acts of violence before the courts;

9. Requests the Secretary-General to report to it at its fifty-first session on the situation of human rights in Burundi, on the basis of all relevant information;

10. Encourages the Government of Burundi to request technical assistance to strengthen the structures for the promotion and protection of human rights, more particularly through the advisory services programme of the Centre for Human Rights, in close cooperation with the Secretary-General's special representative for Burundi;

11. Decides to consider the situation of human rights in Burundi at its fifty-first session under the agenda item entitled "Question of the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any part of the world, with particular reference to colonial and other dependent countries and territories".

66th meeting
9 March 1994
[Adopted without a vote. See chap. XII.]

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