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New Zealand: Refugee Status Appeals Authority

The New Zealand Refugee Status Appeals Authority (RSAA) is an independent body established to determine appeals from decisions of the Refugee Status Branch of the New Zealand Immigration Service declining refugee status. The RSAA was initially established in 1991 under the prerogative powers of the Executive (Cabinet) of the New Zealand Government. The RSAA was later given statutory basis pursuant to the Immigration Amendment Act 1999, which came into force on 1 October 1999. The RSAA ceased to exist on 29 November 2010, when it was replaced by the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. Website:
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Refugee Appeal Nos. 76255, 76313, 76314, 76315 & 76316

30 June 2009 | Judicial Body: New Zealand: Refugee Status Appeals Authority | Topic(s): Copts - Country of origin information (COI) - Credibility assessment - Freedom of conscience - Military service / Conscientious objection / Desertion / Draft evasion / Forced conscription - Non-state agents of persecution - Religious discrimination - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) | Countries: Egypt - New Zealand

Refugee Appeal No. 70295

18 April 1997 | Judicial Body: New Zealand: Refugee Status Appeals Authority | Topic(s): Agents of persecution - Arbitrary arrest and detention - Country of origin information (COI) - Freedom of conscience - Freedom of religion - Internal flight alternative (IFA) / Internal relocation alternative (IRA) / Internal protection alternative (IPA) - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) - Taoist | Countries: China - New Zealand

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