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Protocol for the Treatment of Palestinians in Arab States ("Casablanca Protocol")

Publisher League of Arab States
Publication Date 11 September 1965
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On the basis of the Charter of the League of Arab States and its special annex pertaining to Palestine, and of the LAS Council resolution concerning the Palestinian issue, and, in particular, of the Special resolution pertaining to safeguarding Palestinian existence,

The Council of Foreign Ministers of Member states agreed, in its meeting in Casablanca on 10 September 1965, upon the following regulations, and called upon member states to take the necessary measures to put them into the sphere of implementation:

(1) Whilst retaining their Palestinian nationality, Palestinians currently residing in the land of ...... have the right of employment on par with its citizens.

(2) Palestinians residing at the moment in ...... in accordance with the dictates of their interests, have the right to leave and return to this state.

(3) Palestinians residing in other Arab states have the right to enter the land of ...... and to depart from it, in accordance with their interests. Their right of entry only gives them the right to stay for the permitted period and for the purpose they entered for, so long as the authorities do not agree to the contrary.

(4) Palestinians who are at the moment in ......, as well as those who were residing and left to the Diaspora, are given, upon request, valid travel documents. The concerned authorities must, wherever they be, issue these documents or renew them without delay.

(5) Bearers of these travel documents residing in LAS states receive the same treatment as all other LAS state citizens, regarding visa, and residency applications.


The Arab States' Position Regarding the Protocol

The Arab states which supported the Protocol for the Treatment of Palestinians without reservation are:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Algerian Popular Democratic Republic

The Democratic Republic of Sudan

The Republic of Iraq

The Syrian Arab Republic

The United Arab Republic (Egypt)

The Arab Republic of Yemen

The Arab states supporting the Protocol for the Treatment of Palestinians, with reservations are:

The State of Kuwait

The State of Kuwait signed the Protocol whilst reserving its right to interpret the first article of the Protocol on the basis that it excludes the right of 'private business' work on part with Kuwaiti citizens. This reservation was due to the fact that private business has special regulations in the State of Kuwait.

The Republic of Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon signed the Protocol on 3/8/1966, with the following reservations:

Article One: Palestinians residing at the moment in Lebanon are granted the right of employment, together with the right of keeping their Palestinian nationality, in accordance with prevailing social and economic conditions in the Republic of Lebanon.

Article Two: that the phrase: "on equal terms with the Lebanese citizens and in accordance with the laws and regulations in operation" be added.

Article Three: that the phrases "(whenever their interests demand it)" and "allowing Palestinians into Lebanon is conditional upon their obtaining an entry visa issued by the concerned Lebanese authorities" be added.

Reservations on the Fourth and Fifth Articles

The Kingdom of Libya (Note: Endorsed the Protocol before the 1 September 1969 revolution.)

Libya signed the Protocol voicing reservations about the First Article: "since dealing with Palestinian citizens residing in Libya is on part with and equal to dealing with other Arab citizens residing in Libya."

Arab states which have not as yet approved the Protocol:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Morocco

The Republic of Tunisia

Arab states joining the League's charter upon signing the Protocol:

Yemen Popular Democratic Republic, 12 December 1967

State of Bahrain, 11 September 1971

State of Qatar, 11 September 1971

Sultanate of Oman, 29 September 1971

United Arab Emirates, 6 December 1971

Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 26 November 1973

Democratic Republic of Somalia, 14 February 1974

State of Palestine, 9 September 1976

Republic of Djibouti, 4 September 1977

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