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Chronology for Azerbaijanis in Iran

Publisher Minorities at Risk Project
Publication Date 2004
Cite as Minorities at Risk Project, Chronology for Azerbaijanis in Iran, 2004, available at: [accessed 22 August 2017]
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Jan 19, 1990 Reports that Iranian Azeris are supplying weapons and other support to their Soviet counterparts who are engaging in a bloody struggle with rival Christian Armenians
Aug 30, 1991 The Soviet Azerbaijani parliament declares Azerbaijan independent from the Soviet Union.
May 23, 1992 About 200 students, most of them Azeris, in the city of Tabriz chanting "death to Armenians" demonstrate in support of Azerbaijan in their undeclared war against the Armenians.
Apr 13, 1993 Hundreds of Iranian University students, many of them Azeris, march to denounce Armenia's attack on Azerbaijan.
Aug 1993 Iran condemns and denounces the Armenians in their war on Azerbaijan. Until this point in time they had been neutral and attempted to mediate the dispute.
Aug 1993 The Iranian Government is worried that the potential influx of Azeri refugees from the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia will reawaken nationalist feelings among its own Azeri population but prepares for the potential influx of refugees.
Oct 1993 Iranian President Rafsanjani vows to support Azerbaijan in its war with the Armenians.
Oct 1 - Nov 30, 1993 Azeri refugees from the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia enter Iran. By mid-November, their number reaches 50,000.
Aug 3 - 5, 1994 Persian rioters clash with police in the city of Qazvin over demands that it be turned in to a separate province after a bill to separate it from the Azeri Zanjan province is rejected by parliament.
Mar 10, 1996 Reformers gained a majority of seats in first round polls. (ABC CLIO)
Apr 21, 1996 Conservative parliamentarians in Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly lost seats in the run off elections held on April 19. (ABC CLIO)
May 23, 1997 Khatami, a moderate was elected president with 69% of the vote. Khatami promised in the campaign to reduce censorship and support a diversity of attitudes. (ABC CLIO)
Oct 25, 1998 Conservatives dominated the election to the council of experts when many of the reformist candidates were disqualified. (ABC CLIO)
Mar 8, 1999 Moderates won in the first local elections in 20 years. (ABC CLIO)
Mar 19, 1999 The opposition in Azerbaijan called on Iran to end violence against Azerbaijanis in Iran. (BBC)
Apr 24, 1999 A new organization, the Council to Protect the Rights of Azerbaijanis of the World (CPRAW), was formed to campaign for a united Azerbaijan. It was formed in Azerbaijan and is particularly interested in the civil rights of ethnic Azerbaijanis in Iran. (BBC)

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