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Zimbabwe: 1. To what extent do people with a disability face societal discrimination or harm in Zimbabwe? 2. To what extent does the Zimbabwean state provide protection to people with a disability who face discrimination or harm? 3. Is there any evidence of people being discriminatorily denied the protection of the state for reason of their disability? 4. What facilities / supports are provided to people with a disability by the Zimbabwean state and NGOs? 5. What is the situation for people of Indian ethnicity in Zimbabwe? 6. Are there any reports of people of Indian ethnicity being harmed by members of Zanu-PF, war veterans or the Zimbabwean state? 7. Is there any information indicating that people of Indian ethnicity tend to be regard as pro-MDC or anti-Zanu-PF? 8. Please provide information on the level of state protection available to people of Indian ethnicity who may face harm from other members of society.

6 August 2010 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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