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RRT Case No. 0908130

23 December 2009 | Judicial Body: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Case Law | Topic(s): Country of origin information (COI) - Domestic violence - Honour killings - Kurd - Non-state agents of persecution - Racial / Ethnic persecution - Social group persecution - State protection | Countries: Australia - Turkey

Turkey: 1. Please provide information on state protection for women in Turkey who fear honour killings. 2. How do the police in Turkey respond to threats of honour killings? 3. Please provide information on the Safi sect of Islam in Turkey. 4. Is the Safi sect of Islam present in eastern Turkey? 5. If so, what is its level of influence compared to other Islamic sects in eastern Turkey? 6. Is there information on the system of honour known as Tore in Turkey? 7. Is there a link between the Safi sect of Islam and the Tore system of honour in Turkey? 8. Would a woman under threat of honour killing in Istanbul be able to safely relocate to eastern Turkey?

6 September 2007 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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