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Chad: 1. Please confirm that all new residents to Saudi Arabia have fingerprints taken on first entry. 2. Are there any reports of the fingerprinting system being compromised/bribery occurring? 3. Information about residency permits in Saudi Arabia for Chad Nationals? What is the usual term? Would it expire if a Chad national had left Saudi Arabia for over six months? 4. General information about Chad such as demographics, current government, and security situation. 5. What is the position of a member of the Gorane ethnic group in Chad? Who is also suspected association with the rebels in opposition to the Chad government? Please provide information about the Zaghawa ethnic group. 6. Please provide information about rebel attacks in Adre in April 2006 and the current Chadian civil war. 7. What was the Chadian authorities view on civilians who buried the dead after conflict? Were they suspected of supporting the rebels? Did people disappear around this time? 8. Is it easy for someone from Chad to cross into Cameroon and remain there undetected? 9. Please provide information on the Hajj and the possibility of obtaining a travel permit. 10. What are the possibilities of relocation to other areas of Chad?

3 June 2011 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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