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Syria: 1. Country Advice SYR39739 of 20 January 2012, states that that the Syrian government had recalled reservists in the wake of the Syrian uprising. However, this 2011 recall reportedly had mixed success with ‘credible evidence' suggesting that the regime was 'unable to call back more than 60 per cent of its reserves', according to a December 2011 report by Michael Weiss titled Safe Area for Syria: An Assessment of Legality, Logistics and Hazards. What were the reasons behind the government's inability to call back 60 per cent of its reserves? For example, were the reservists inaccessible or had they intentionally evaded the recall? 2. Is there any information to suggest that reservists have faced punishment or illtreatment for failing to respond to the government's recall of its reservists?

21 February 2012 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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