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India: 1. What is the MIM and what is its relationship to the Muslim Youth Association and the Muslim Youth League. 2. Can it be confirmed that at any time in the 1990s, the President of either MIM or the Muslim League Association was Mr Akbaruddin Owas or that the treasurer was Mohammed Osman. Is it possible to confirm that Mohammed Osman was shot dead by police in 1997? 3. Are there any reports of violent clashes in July 2001 between the MiM and Hindu nationalist groups? 4. What is the current position in relation to conflict between Muslims and Hindus in Hyderabad? 5. Is there effective state protection for Muslims in Hyderabad? 6. Is there effective state protection for Muslims elsewhere in India? 7. Are there any laws or other known factors which would prevent a Muslim person from Hyderabad relocating to another part of India to seek state protection? 8. Deleted. 9. Please provide information on the background of the BJP and discuss the likelihood of the organisation targeting or harming political or religious opponents in Hyderabad or other parts of India?

17 December 2010 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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