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Ethiopia: 1. Please provide information on the policies of the Kinijit (also known as the Coalition for Unity and Democracy or CUD) in relation to housing, youth, education, health and employment. 2. Please provide information on the current leadership group and / or high profile members of the Kinijit (or CUD). 3. Is there evidence of government instigated conflict between Tigrayans and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia? 4. What sort of activities did pro-CUD agitators engage in during the campaign or lead up to the April 2005 elections? 5. Are there reports of demonstrations being held in Addis Ababa in June 2005 and October 2005? If so, what types of people were arrested or held? 6. Please provide information on the Zeway Concentration Camp, including its location, its size/layout/divisions, any other identifying features, what it is used for, and whether demonstrators arrested in October 2005 were held there. Please provide photographs of the camp if available. 7. What is the location of the 4th Division Police Station in Addis Ababa? Does it have a jail on site or nearby?

14 April 2009 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

Ethiopia: 1. Please provide a briefing about Pentecostal Christians in Ethiopia: i.e. what does it mean to be a 'Pentecostal Christian' in Ethiopia? 2.What percentage of the population do ‘Pentecostal Christians' in Ethiopia constitute? 3. Is there any evidence that ‘Pentecostal Christians' are discriminated against? 4. Does inter-religious marriage (ie between Muslims and Pentecostal Christians) occur? 5. If it occurs, is the female (Christian) expected to convert to Islam? 6. Please provide any information about Christian women married to Muslim men facing discrimination or denial of rights (eg to education, or to work)? 7. Is the 'Ethiopian Tsewan (Zion) Church in Australia' affiliated with Pentecostal Christians from Ethiopia? How (religiously) strict are they? 8. How are non-Muslims treated in Ethiopia? Are they discriminated against? If so, in what ways and to what extent? 9. [Information deleted] 10. [Information deleted] 11. Please provide an update on the status of police corruption in Ethiopia. 12. Please provide a (brief) update on the status of women in Ethiopia.

30 September 2008 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

Ethiopia: 1. What services does the Ethiopian government provide in the area of protection of women from harm and with regard to women in general? 2. Are there effectively operating police and court services? 3. Can it be said that "Arabs hold a great deal of influence" in Ethiopia? 4. What is the situation for people of the Amharic tribal group? 5. Anything else you feel might be relevant

24 January 2006 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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