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Egypt: 1. Please advise whether female genital mutilation is illegal in Egypt? 2. Please advise what the attitude of authorities is towards FGM? 3. Please advise what steps have the government and/or NGOs taken to stop the practice? (The US State report refers to a conference in November in Cairo aimed at eradicating FGM). 4. Please advise what the attitude of the Coptic Church is towards FGM. Please provide any recent reports or statements by the Coptic Church on the practice? 5. Please advise whether the incidence of FGM is any different in the Coptic Christian community? 6. Are there any recent studies on the prevalence of FGM in Egypt? 7. What age are girls subjected to FGM? 8. Is the incidence of FGM any different in the big cities? 9. What groups of women are more at risk of FGM? 10. Who performs FGM? 11. Have there been any charges or action taken against doctors or midwives who perform FGM? 12. Are there any reports on women who have refused to be circumcised?

15 February 2008 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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