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Afghanistan: With regard to Koshal Khan, Mina, Kabul: 1. Can you indicate on a map where this is? 2. What is the general security situation and control there by the government now? Are there independent assessments available to indicate whether the security situation at present is improving, stable or deteriorating? 3. What is the situation there for a Tajik, in terms of harm from Pashtuns, Hazaras and Uzbeks? 4. Is there evidence of Tajiks attacking Tajiks who come from an educated family? 5. Is there evidence that those whose family members were Communists or associated with the Najibullah regime are still facing harm? If so, from whom? 6. Is there evidence that those who have lived in a Western country will be labelled as an infidel? 7. Please provide a brief update on the effectiveness of the Afghan army and police force, as well as information on the status of disarmament

19 August 2005 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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