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Zimbabwe: 1. Please provide current information of the treatment of white Christians in Harare, and especially in Dinolli, and information on whether there has been a change in the treatment between 2000 and the present. 2. Deleted. 3. Please provide information on which organisation administers the refugee visa regime in South Africa, and in particular in Durban. Can you provide any information on what the procedure is for applying for refugee status in South Africa?

28 October 2010 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

Zimbabwe: 1. Is there any updated information as to treatment of ordinary MDC supporters generally, and in the Mutare area in particular, since the formation of the government of national unity? 2. Is there any recent information on whether persons who have left Zimbabwe, or who travel outside Zimbabwe face harm or adverse attention on return, or are classified as "snitches" simply because of overseas travel or the perception they would be opposed to the Government because they have travelled overseas? 3. Is there any information as to whether religious workers or pastors in the Worldwide Family of God Church in particular have faced pressure to publicly support the Zanu PF, or have experienced threats or mistreatment because of their refusal to publicly support Zanu PF? 4. Is there any recent information as to whether persons who have studied overseas are perceived to be opposed to the Government, or have faced adverse treatment on return simply because they have lived outside Zimbabwe for a number of years in countries like Australia? 5. Is there any information on whether the government of national unity is actively seeking to encourage overseas Zimbabwean citizens to return to the country to assist in its reconstruction? 6. Is there any information on the treatment of mixed ethnicity relationships (Shona and Caucasian) and any evidence to suggest members of such relationships have been targetted or killed because of their relationship?

10 November 2009 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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