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Indonesia: 1. Are there reports of corrupt extortion of payments from businesses in Bali by tax officials and by council officials? 2. If yes to the first question, are the extortions at such a level as to threaten the viability of a sole trader's business? 3. Is there evidence of such extortion being differentially targeted at Chinese businesses? 4. Is there any differential failure (according to Chinese descent or Hindu religion) by the Indonesian government (at whatever relevant level) to support those in financial difficulty? 5. Would a small trader whose business has failed in Bali be at risk of homelessness or starvation? Would this risk differ depending on Chinese background or Hindu faith? 6. Is there any other kind of discrimination or harm suffered by Chinese or Hindus in Bali? 7. If the answers to any of the questions above is yes, could a Chinese Hindu sole trader, with a wife and children, avoid discrimination by moving to another part of Indonesia? Would the cost of such a move be prohibitive? Would there be any other part of the country more supportive than Bali?

21 January 2011 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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