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Egypt: 1. Is there evidence that in recent years individual Muslim extremists and members of extremist Muslim groups have harmed Christians or tried to convert them to Islam? 2. If so, do the police or Egyptian authorities act to protect Christians? Is there evidence that in recent years the Egyptian police have failed to respond to alleged victims of crime/harassment because: 3. the alleged victim is Christian, 4. the alleged perpetrator is Muslim, 5. the crime is the alleged indecent/sexual assault of Christian woman/girl by a Muslim man? 6. Is it considered shameful in Egyptian Coptic culture for woman/girl to go to a police station (to report an alleged crime)? 7. Are the "Secret Police" in Egypt called the "Amen E Dowal" and do they deal with issues between Christians and Muslims? 8. If so, do they treat Muslims and Christians differently? 9. Can Muslims set up a mosque on privately owned land in Egypt and does the owner of the land then lose ownership of that land? 10. Is there evidence that in recent years it has become commonplace for Coptic Christians to be verbally abused by Muslims including police for reasons of their religion (for example, called a stupid unbeliever)? 11. Is there evidence that in recent years government audit officers have targeted Christian business owners and improperly issued fines and confiscated their stock? 12. Does the Coptic Christian religion forbid Coptic Christians from taking oaths? 13. Is Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman the leader of Gamma Islami in Egypt, and has he or someone connected with that group recently issued a fatwa against Christians? 14. Would the reputation of a Coptic Christian girl who was molested in public be affected and her ability to marry within the Coptic community reduced?

31 March 2006 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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