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Turkey: 1. Please provide background information on Nur Cemaat, particularly its religious and political profile. Is it opposed to the Turkish constitution? 2. Is there a formal network or any registration of members? 3. Do its members observe particular Islamic forms such as religious practice, headscarves and beards? 4. Do the Turkish authorities place restrictions on it? In particular, what is the recently reelected government's relationship with it? 5. Are there reported incidents of Nur Cemaat being pressured or harshly treated? 6. Are there laws in Turkey to prevent anti-Kemalist speeches, etc., and are they enforced against Islamic groups? 7. Please provide any background on Mehmet Kutlular. 8. Are there reports of Encyclopedia of Recent History (Yakin Tarih Ansiklopedisi), or similar anti-Kemalist publications? 9. Are there reports of government action against people distributing such material? 10. If so, do reports of official action refer to formal charges, imprisonment and seizure of passports and/or informal measures such as detention and warnings? 11. Are there any associated Turkish groups in Australia?

21 August 2007 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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